So, I have done as much on my blog as I wish I had. That stops today, no more excuses. My post for tonight is about guilt. Do ever feel guilty? Over things you really shouldn’t.  I run a maid service in town, but have taken a second job at night as waitress. Just, to make a little more money at night. I really have learned that I really dislike it.  I have done a lot of jobs in my lifetime, retail, office work, made jewelry, and now run a maid service. This has to be least favorite job I’ve ever had. But, have learned the older I get not to do things that I dislike, or don’t bring me joy, and that give me a negative outlook on life. Unfortunately, it’s just so hard for me to let a place down. Because, I know they took the time out to train me, and put effort into me. Only, for me to leave them. However, I also know that if my heart isn’t it, they need to find someone else’s who is. Plus, the other thing it put into hindsight for me is, how much more time I want and need to put the maid service. I realized that there is where my real passion is.


Facing You’re Fears

So who has troubles facing there fears? I know I do! 2019 has been my year to start doing this more. Don’t get me wrong, some days I’m still scared as hell to do something new. I run a business, and everyday I’m faced with new challenges. A lot, of times I just have to breathe in and out and go for it. I’m not saying it always works out the way you think it will. But, hey at least you went for it. And, worse case you have a funny story to tell. Usually, it works out the way just the way the universe intended it to be.

Hey! Introducing myself.

Good Evening. How is everyone doing tonight? This is my first ever blog. My name is Melissa, I live in Hot Springs, AR. I’m 35 years old and have a beautiful 14 year old daughter named Destiny. I have being wanting to do a blog for awhile. I have been drawn to it, especially self love. I feel like we don’t love ourselves enough. And, that mental health is a huge area that we ignore ( we are getting better) but not even close to where we need to be. This is something I’m beyond passionate about. I want to share my story, self love, and positivity.